Custom Swag

Do you need Swag? We can get custom desiged swag for you! What swag do you need? Socks, hats, t-shirts, shopping bags? Whatever you need, Funky Fun is your local custom swag distributor! We would love to help you!

Custom Socks

Did you know..... we love socks!!! We hope you love socks too! We want your customers to love your custom logo'ed socks!

Tell us:

- The number of socks you require

- The length of the sock – ankle, a bit taller than ankle, crew (mid calf) or knee high

- What background color of sock would you like?

- Where would you like your Logo

- What type of Individual sock packaging or labeling would you like?

Contact us for more information!

Custom Hats

Do you need custom logo'ed hats? We can do that!

- How many hats do you need?

- What color of hat do you want?

- What style of hat? Mesh back hat, snap-back, adjustable, baseball cap, bucket hat, sun visor for the golfers?

Contact us! I know you want to!

Custom Shopping Bags

With plastic shopping bags going away, everyone needs to bring their bags to the grocery store. What a great way to advertise, over and over and over again! Make your advertising budget go further with logo'ed shopping bags!

- What style of bag, heavy material or a light material that can easily be squished into a small attached pouch

- What color of bag?

- What size of bag? 30 x 20cm, 35 x 25cm, 40 x 30cm, 45 x 35cm, 50 x 40cm?

- How long of hand / shoulder straps do you need?

- Where would you like the logo placed?

Contact us! Ask us questions! We love questions!

Custom T-Shirts

Oh my goodness! What is better than a logo'ed t-shirt? (A logo'ed hat?) Ha ha ha

- How many do you need?
- What color would you like?
- What type of t-shirt? Golf Shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, performance t-shirt, pullover sweatshirt, zip up fleece?
- What sizes do you need? XS - 3XL

Contact us! Please please please!

What else do you need?

Have we missed something that you would like logo'ed? Please ask us! Your mind is the limit! What would you like logo'ed? We can do that!

Just Ask!